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Perfect Fit patterns are made from 26 of your unique measurements

How often have you run into an issue in creating a garment in which the pattern doesn’t account for your particular needs? A physical element that’s unique to your size or body type, or just a quirk particular to you. Have you ever wished that patterns could be designed specifically for your, tailor-made so to speak? Get ready to be Excited-your wish has been grated! has developed a fantastic new service! Perfect Fit Patterns is our new online service that allows you to create your very own tailor made patterns.

Here’s the deal:

Purchase the Perfect Fit Pattern product online at and we’ll send you an email with a link to logon to our easy to use Perfect Fit Pattern portal. The first step begins with defining your measurement system (inches or cm). Then input your 26 unique measurements, from height and neck circumference to front a back shoulder height, and select your posture type. Finally,You will have the option to upload up to three photos to help us determine the specifics of your particular fit (where are you snug? What’s loose?) and include any additional comments that can assist us in achieving your Perfect Fit! You can also save your measurement set-up for future orders. In 3 working days you will have a Perfect Fit Pattern from Neue Mode & Loretti tailored to you. Perfect Fit Patterns, another outstanding innovation from your partners at!

Available in Paper Patterns!
please allow up to 3 working days to process and mail out your pattern.

perfect fit patterns

perfect fit patterns

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